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Originally Posted by gosox41 View Post
Money helps but isn't the sole answer.

I've also fantasized about having an owner with unlimited funds as have 27 other teams in baseball.

But the stuff that has kept me up more at night is:

What if Dybzinski didn't screw up in the '83 playoffs?
What if Lamont didn't start his 20 game winner in 1993 knowing he hadn't pitched well against that team?
What if Frank were healthy enough to play 1B in the '93 playoffs?
What would of happened in 1994?
How did 1994 effect 1995-1999 for the Sox?
What if David Wells showed some heart in 2001 and actually pitched like he did in 2000?
What if Ozzie took KW's suggestion of a 6 man rotation in 2006 to ease the load on the starters? To take it one step further-how does a playoff appearance in 2006 alter the next 5 years?

As bad a move as it was, if Harrelson wasn't hired as GM of this team, we probably would have spent the last 20 some years wishing we could produce a hitter like Frank. Or for that matter, would Robin ever be a manager of this team let alone a player?

I'm sure the are more things. Didn't Cora throw to the wrong base in the '93 playoffs extending an inning for the Blue Jays? I can't remember.

Some of those are just plain one-offs though. I mean would they really have affected the outcome of an entire season or series? The Dybzinski thing hurt but the Sox as a whole scored what, three runs in that entire series? After destroying the ball and the AL from August on? That's one of those inexplicable things with baseball. To me that was one of the most disappointing Sox teams ever. Luzinski didn't help either by guaranteeing a sweep...

Shoulda woulda, me the first thing the Sox need to do is rebuild the farm's going to take years.
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