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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Great there isn't an easy answer for. I'd say it's a combination of things:

5. Time for new ownership. This is not a slam at JR, after 20 years of major, serious, poor decisions that cost the franchise dearly on and off the field he has changed many (not all) of his ways...but it's simply the fact that after 31 years the organization has become stale and rigid in it's mindset. Time for new blood, new faces, new ideas.

I don't mind the mind set or the things have been done. I was more tired of KW's lack of regard the farm system. Loved being aggressive. But aggressive with stupid is not so good.

I like the fact that JR is more hands off when compared to other owners but who will also spend allocate funds to win when they are close. It's more the GM's fault for not allocating the assets correctly than anything.

Quick points:

1. The last couple of years, the team's payroll has ranked higher then where the attendence has ranked. That shows some commitment. He does spend wat he has.

2. While money helps (this is a circular discussion that will never end) it's not the be all end all of winning. It helps to hide mistakes but look at the playoffs the last couple of years and where some of the more recent WS champs have ranked.

3. Whose to say a new owner will be any better. Everyone assumes that a new owner will spend. What if a new owner wants to come in and live off revenue sharing, a decent TV deal, and a low payroll.

Or take the case of Loria in FL. There is a reason he's not selling the team.

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