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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
This is a question I have often thought of and really have no answer for. It's not like they sit on their hands and don't make a move when they are in contention every year, but the results are always the same, somewhere a little above or below .500 most years recently. Even in 05, they couldn't break out and make the playoffs in 06. I've heard theories about lack of prospects killing team depth late in the season when it is needed and all, but I really have no answer. The main goal of any baseball team should be to make the playoffs on a consistent basis. If you do that, you will win the series eventually in most cases. The Giants, not all that impressive on paper compared to a lot of teams, now have 2 titles in 3 years. The Cardinals are always in the playoffs and have won 2 titles, etc. Interested in what others think, since a lot of you ,I know, are probably smarter about this than I am. I want to see another series before I die.
Build a strong base of talent through the farm system. In terms of making trades, I think Hahn is tkaing the right approach. Stop trading prospects right now unless you are really close. It's one of the ingredients of build a strong farm system (drafting better and player developement are also part of the equation and something that needs to be done more.)

The only trades he should make now are to move vets for long as he gets what he considers fair value or better. This team can contend this year, but long term they need a better farm system so they're no longer throwing money away at the Manny Ramirez's of the world when you are close and hoping an overpaid, over the hill vet can help.

The next step is to get people to the games. Something the Sox are working on by reducing prices. More attendence=more money=more opportinity to make your team better.

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