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I will go with consistency in talent. Year after year, the Sox have made a lot of changes, and the only talented guys that they could bring in (besides Buehrle and Konerko) were other teams castoffs/baggage. Examples include Floyd, Edwin Jackson, Rios, Dunn, Peavy etc. Some of these have worked out, but not very consistently. Ramirez was a nice signing, bringing in De Aza gave the team a nice shot in the arm when he was healthy. The trade to bring in Danks was nice, but there were not enough of those.
The Tigers are also guilty of this to an extent, but they were able to get better talents in Cabrera, Fielder, Young and Fister (Verlander was drafted). They were also able to bring in a few young guys to fill positions either from within or that trade that got Jackson there.
The Giants were also guilty of having a lot of bad signings, but they were able to make up for it with strong starting pitching and Buster Posey.
The point is, the Sox need to bring in top-tier talent in important spots. People that other teams would love to build around. They have been doing better with young guys. They had 9 rookies on the roster, the pitchers were solid, until rookie troubles happened, but they give me hope. The coaching needs to be consistent across each minor league level, where they hear the same things, instead of too many things at once. Organizational philosophy was mentioned, and I agree. The young hitters is something they must improve upon. I hope we got that guy in Hawkins, but we will have to see. I've said plenty of things about the farm system in previous posts, but getting solid contributors is also needed.
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