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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
So they disagree with your personal percieved strength between the Sox and M's.
Even if a person thought the Mariners would be better than the Sox this year, the Sox still have a better chance of making it in. It's common sense. The Sox are pretty solidly in the top two of their division. Most of these "experts" will probably pick the Sox to finish second, and that's probably the most likely outcome. The Mariners are most likely to finish fourth. I'd much rather have to leapfrog one team than three. As for Wild Card possibilities, look at the strengths of the division. The Mariners get the hapless Astros, but they also have to play three playoff teams intra-division. The Sox get the hapless Twins, but also the mediocre Indians and Royals.

This is in the same boat as their win predictions. Baseless predictions. No different than any of us posting our predictions on a website. However, Joe Blow's predictions are presented using nonsensical percentages that give the illusion of accuracy.
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