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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I'm so sick of this attitude. Like everyone here doesn't already read the Tribune and I'd just lie about it.

I don't have online access to the Tribune. I don't pay for it.

But a ten second Google search pulled up a damn video of Cooper saying it.,-rotation

And that's enough. I'm out of the thread. I'm sick of being disrespected.
Wow if you'd produced that video 3 hours ago, all of this could have been avoided.

Edit: any "disrepect" you have received is purely a function of you stonewalling on linking your sources. Now I haven't watched that video so I will take you at face value that it says what you say it does. Next time, take the 5 minutes from defending your precious honor and provide a link and maybe you won't suffer so badly from those disrespectful people asking for your evidence...

Edit 2: for me linky no worky...

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