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Originally Posted by blandman View Post

Please include contact rates for comparison. This on its own doesn't not make them comparable. Not saying they're not comparable players, just noting that this is incomplete.
How is that comparable? I'm using the widely accepted BA/OBP/SLG numbers, K/AB is something another poster injected to make their argument relative, as if Viciedo striking out less will magically improve all his other subpar qualities as a hitter.

If you want to go with recent Cuban hitters, look at Betancourt at age 23, he was most compared to Viciedo when Dayan signed here.

Plus you can cherry pick stats all day. My initial point being that just because Viciedo is 23 and he only just played a full year is no reason to consider him a rookie and give him a pass. Or give him a pass ignoring his 1300 minor league at bats hopefully making him something he ain't - cause you love the long ball.

If I'm proved wrong and he blossoms into a good hitter, I'll happily eat crow.
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