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To the person who thinks the Tigers are a lock for the Division based on their roster, all I have to say is "2006 White Sox." Many people felt that team was better than the 2005 team on paper. They lost nine more games than the '05 team and did not play in October.

Baseball is 162 games, too much can happen to make an accurate prediction in February (you're looking at 162 variables on game outcome alone, Then you have to factor in-season injuries which are 100% unknown in February). The NFL with only 16 games is easier to predict. Much easier.

‎This just in from the newswires: The Anti-Trust Division of the US Department of Justice has announced that whenever Sale take The Bump, it is unfair competition in violation of various federal and state laws. However, he is not being prosecuted because it is so ****in awesome to watch him do his craft.
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