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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Well those people are as hilariously misguided as the people who think BP is just some rag that nobody really pays any attention to. I mean ****, even a moron can see that things like injuries, roster moves, etc. will completely alter the roster of a team, in many cases, before the 1st pitch of the season is thrown. Nobody takes the BP projections to Vegas and drops $1,000,000 on the Sox winning exactly 77 games. If you think that's what people do with these then your "opponents" are figments of your imagination.
No I didn't say that, but there certainly are a group of people who buy into this stuff way more than it's worth. I mean the standard deviation is what 5-6 wins (from past years that is what I remember)? So basically they are saying that the Sox are a 99% confidence interval to win 59-95 games. Even if' it's 3 its 68-87. Way to go out on a limb there BP...

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