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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
Yes. Blown out of proportion by idiots who get mad when others don't take BP seriously for making predictions that are continually well off. Idiots who say "THEY ARE WELL RESPECTED!" and then say the predictions are irrelevant and people are dumb for putting too much stock into them.
No, blown out of proportion by folks who literally don't spend a second more looking into BP's methods and simply declare their work pointless based on the whole 0.1% of their work for the season they've bothered to look at. BP's does a lot more than just the preseason predictions, which at this point, I have to assume they release solely to watch the overreactions by the kind of people who think you can roll a 3.5 on a dice.

And again, you are more than free to think what you like of them but if you think that every front office in baseball isn't reading their work, then you're kidding yourself. You sound like the execs at Kodak who never invested in digital photography because they couldn't dream of a world where the nerds on their computers would replace the film everyone grew up with and loved.

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