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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
So, wow, did Major League Baseball screw these up. Giant crown instead of the low-profile crown of the last 10 years. Flat brim instead of the curved-style. The SOX logo isn't the raised sewn lettering that looks three-dimensional, but instead it looks like a iron-on patch with a weird thick black outline around it.

First off, that's not a flat brim, that's just how it looks in the picture. It's the same brim that is on their game caps, and it can be easily bent.

As for the logo, they white area is the same material as the rest of the cap, and of course it is sewn on with the black border. This is what Adidas started doing with the numbers on NBA jerseys last year. It is basically a marketing ploy to sell products by saying "we got the item 0.47% lighter and it wicks sweat 3.1% faster." I doubt anybody is going to feel a relief from the strained neck that was caused by the quarter-ounce of that bulky logo emboidery, but whatever. I still have the hat style they wore from 2004-2006, which is basically this with a normal logo (and possibly a lower crown), so I won't be paying $35 for this anyway.
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