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Originally Posted by beasly213 View Post
While I agree they are ugly as hell, MLB didn't screw anything up. Not sure if you've noticed but those "box" style hats with a flat brim are all people are wearing now, along with the obnoxious sticker still on the hat.

As long as they keep a banner 47 brand option as a hat for me to buy I'll be happy.
Funny, because I was discussing this with a friend of mine the other day. We noticed a lot of guys now where sports caps to match up with their wardrobe. They may not be a SOX fan, but want a Gray/Black SOX cap to match up with their Gray/Black track suit.

I saw a guy the other day dressed out completely in North Carolina team colors and then saw the same guy the next day dressed up in Cincinnati Reds Black/Red. Both times, with the flat, square-ish brim with the New Era stickers still on. Is that a fashion trend or do they just tuck in the price tag return the cap after a few weeks for a refund?

Then there are the actual team fans who just want a nice, comfortable cap. I remember when the SOX introduced their current black cap the final season in Old Comiskey. I think I wore that cap every day for one year straight as I liked it that much! It was the old wool material with the gray under bill and it had the lower crown compared to the retail New Era 59/Fifty caps they sell today. It fit great.
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