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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Ignoring the fact that most people are aware that PECOTA Team Projections are more or less a fun exercise in statistical modeling and not to be taken as serious, carved in stone predictions, if you're measuring their accuracy against actual W-L record you've already demonstronstrated your ignorance as to what this projection is actually measuring. Just in case you wonder why nobody ever cares about your ERRRGH STANDARD DEVIATION argument.

I see so it's a statistically derived projection that isn't really meant to be a projection, more just some kind of something something fun... or something...

Good times... Have fun with that...

Glad I never gave them any money since they aren't really serious about their projections and all and didn't jump up and down, beat their chests and point with glee the one year they got one team's projection dead on (just happened to be the Sox) Even if the reasons they said those numbers would be the way they are were completely opposite of the reason they actually were that way and they pulled a blind fart out of a dead skunk's ass and then whiffed it and said, "This is the greatest blind fart anyone has ever whiffed, give us moar money plox!" it matters not because...


or something...

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