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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
In that the Tiger's are probably best in baseball and we're somewhere south of the middle of the pact? Yes. That's pretty much EVERY synopsis on the upcoming season you'll read not on a team's fan site.

Why would you be optimistic? There's really no reason to be. I don't think accepting the truth of the situation is necessarily pessimistic though.
Maybe because baseball is the one sport where hardly anything turns out as predicted?

Did anyone see the Nationals winning the NL East? No, the preseason synopsis was that was the Marlins' division, and it wasn't even close. There was NO way the mighty Marlins could possibly have fell on their face and blown it all up by midseason.

The NL West was nothing but Dodgers this, Dodgers that, who would they have pitch in the first game of the NLCS versus the Marlins, etc. Wait, the Dodgers didn't win the division? Huh. I thought the Giants never had a chance, according to the prognosticators. And they won the World Series too? Dear god.

The AL West was going to be a two team race between the Rangers and Angels, with the A's and Mariners nothing but spectators as the two titans slug it out. So, why did the A's win the division again, and both the Rangers and Angels were spectators during the playoffs?

Sure, people predicted the Yanks would win the AL East, but they also predicted the wild card would come from the East too...the Red Sox. They were half-right: the wild card team did indeed come from the East, but since when did the Red Sox wear orange and have a bird as their logo?

The AL Central was going to be clinched by the Tigers by early August. Everyone else was nothing but afterthoughts. So, why did the Tigers suck so bad up until they got hot in late September, in conjunction with a White Sox collapse?

People can predict all they want, but in this game, NOTHING is ever a sure thing. There's too many variables at play in this game. So that's why people pooh-pooh your claims of ABSOLUTE TIGER SUPERIORITY and opt to just wait until all 162 games are played.
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