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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Yes, but you are the only one stating he will likely miss the first month of the season, so yes, you are doing just that...posting a rumor as a fact without evidence to back it up.

And let's make one thing clear. You aren't being subjected to personal attacks. That's just ridiculous.
Fair on the exact wording, but I've read it plenty too. That I'm not being attacked on everything I write no matter what? Please. But whatever. Children will be children. It isn't about the wording I use. It's about getting me. There was no reason to look at my comment and think it was off-base in the first place, as every publication, even included in this thread, has mentioned john would be held back. No exact time, but a month is pretty damn optimistic. If I wanted to exaggerate, I'd have said half the season. The truth is, if it's a month, we're really lucky. There's no timetable for a reason. There's no good guess other than he's not going to be ready.
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