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At this time of year, every team has many fans who see their team vastly improved going into spring training. Then you have the fans who are impressed with the spring training results and see their team vastly improved. Then there is always the team who takes off and has an impressive April and some segment of their fans think this is the year.
But luckily baseball is a marathon and almost every team will have several peaks and valleys from beginning to end. Key injuries will change the fate of some teams along the way as well.
A year ago the White Sox had a lot of question marks, injury concerns going in and a manager who had no managerial experience. But they certainly made it interesting. This year's roster may be a little better, the manager has expereince and the division is probably better.
There are still going to be the fans that see this as a pennant year and the fans who see doom and gloom before a game is played. Relax and enjoy.
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