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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
It's a reminder of the perils of saying things as absolutes. I won't let it die. Saying it's an absolute the Tigers are the best team in baseball? The Tigers will win the division handily? I'm sorry, but I really have a hard time with people that do that. You want to state it as your opinion? Fine. But to state it as if it has already happened, and to do it with every single argument...nope. So if I find an example of how wrong that person is, I will beat it to death.
I get that, like I Said I don't think its totally unwarranted by any means, I mean if I think a poster is being negative than I would hate to see what everyone else thinks haha. Just is like, I get it, Rose is awesome, Munch was wrong. I just think, like I said, if people started refuting other posters with "Hey, is Beckham still the next Derek Jeter" people would immediately start to knock it as well.
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