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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
As close to a sure thing as Derrick Rose being a bust of epic proportions?
I am not saying he didn't bring it on himself, or the extreme negativity doesn't sometimes warrant it, but good lord can this die? It is almost becoming straw man in the sense that instead of refuting a statement it just gets brought up that he was wrong about Derrick Rose and outside the personal vendetta is just kind of tired (not from you just in general).

I mean, we had poster's who called Gordon Beckham the next Derek Jeter, should that be brought up EVERY...SINGLE...TIME....THEY...POST...ANYTHING? It is just a big of a swing and miss statement as the Rose one.

Its obvious the offseason leads to debate on WSI, everything does. But when the debates and discussion turn into a pissing match over who was wrong in the past, it gets pointless.
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