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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Ugh. Saying a team had a good or bad offseason is not saying they'll win their divisions. For example, a team that is projected to be really great could have barely done anything in the offseason, or even lost a key player, and finish near the bottom of "best offseasons," but still be projected to finish first. The opposite holds true, too.

I still stand by my theory that the only reason many here dislike predictions and projections is because they rarely rate the Sox high in such prognostications. I bet Yankee fans love predictions.
I just think telling everyone who had the best and worst offseason without any games being played is silly. The best time to determine who really had the best and worst offseason will be around Halloween.

When Bowden, just like everyone else, comes up with his predicted order of finish before the season starts, at the end of the year, you will see a couple he was correct with, and a whole bunch he couldn't have been more wrong. It's why I find these team projections and rankings of offseasons so humerous. No one really knows.

And I don't think BP is a joke. I think their individual player projections are interesting and I'm a yearly customer. But I'm never going to get worked up over some of these rankings.

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