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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Without trying to be too political, which is difficult in a thread like this, my thoughts on this are like this. While some depictions of Native Americans or use of Native American names in sports are racist (Chief Wahoo for example, or the team name "Redskins"), I think that not every example of using native American imagery is racist. I have always found the Blackhawks logo to be a respectful depiction of a noble Native American warrior, specifically of Black Hawk. I think though that some people go too far, Paul Lukas is becoming one of them, in the assertion that all tribal imagery be removed. Sports Illustrated had a poll in 2002 that showed that 83% of Native Americans said they did not object to nor did they want teams to stop using Native American imagery in sports. A lot of people, Paul Lukas included, have cited some flaws in that poll and perhaps there are some but they also seem to dismiss that poll in an attempt to have it fit in with their own narrative. I wish SI or ESPN would run another poll now to remedy some of the flaws with the old one and maybe see if Native Americans find SOME logos offensive and not others.
For me a lot of it depends on that individual team's relationship with and portrayel of whatever given Native American tribe or Indian they are using as a logo or name. Like, the Redskins? Yeah **** that. That's a disgrace. There is no comparision with an organization like that to, say, the Blackhawks.