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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I don't think Cabrera is overweight. There is a tremendous difference between big and overweight.

Prince still eats healthy. He was vegetarian for 3 months and then stopped. But he's mostly a whole foods, plant based diet. He just can't claim to be vegetarian because he does eat some meat.
Yes, some people are just larger. People have different metabolisms. Sometimes genetics are a bitch. However, there is no way in hell you can convince me that a Prince eats properly. As a professional athlete who undoubtedly works out often just to keep the proper muscles and stamina to play pro baseball, he's gotta be sneaking some eclaires on the side. It's pretty much impossible for a guy in his 20s to eat well, work out regularly and still be 300 pounds. So, either Prince doesn't work out at all (unlikely), or he doesn't eat nearly as well as you think.
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