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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Cabrera isn't even I don't know why you keep adding him to the equation. As for his alcohol problems in a few offseasons, if it does catch up with him, it'll be the first time. Look...I despise the guy. He's a drunk and a wife beater. I think he belongs in jail. But there's no reason to believe he isn't the strong favorite for next year's MVP.

And I'm going to assume you don't know much about Prince Fielder, but he's actually a really limber fellow who eats a much healthier diet than probably every other major leaguer in baseball. Some people are just larger than others.
First off, Cabrera is overweight. Secondly, Prince was a vegetarian. That lasted a couple of weeks. Eventually the extra weight catches up to you. Maybe they will drop some pounds. Tony Gwynn got fatter and fatter and still was able to hit, but had a tough time staying healthy enough to play, missing 20-40 games a season his last 10 years or so.
If Prince got his genes from his father, he should have a couple of productive seasons left, then fall off a cliff. Cecil was hefty, but would look like Chris Sale standing next to his son.
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