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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
I think this is what Cubs, Pirates, and Royals fans say to comfort themselves every year.
There are plenty of people who are going to watch the games because they, you know, LIKE watching baseball. Is watching baseball more enjoyable when your team is doing well? Of course. But I'm not going to be less interested or watch fewer games simply because BP tells me that my team is not going to have a good year. I realize that many fans enjoy the statistical analysis of the game and are distressed that BP seems to have under estimated (on a regular basis) how well their team is predicted to do. But if you're not going to show up to the ballpark simply because BP predicts a bad season for your team, then I've got no answer. I guess it's Reason/Excuse Number 795 why Sox fans don't come to the park -- BP predicted a lousy season. Can't we just see what happens before we give up on the 2013 season (and this is not directed at Kittle42 who I've quoted)?
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