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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
Not at all. Sabathia is by far the most successful contract ever given to a player with weight problems, but he's not the norm. Most players who are overweight and can't keep in shape in their mid 20s don't get in better shape as they age. There does tend to be a cliff for those guys because the extra wear and tear takes its toll. Cabera's triple crown season saw him best his previous career highs by 7 homers and 13 RBIs, while hitting 14 homers and collecting 24 more RBI than the year before. 2012 was by far the best season of his career. So, no, he wouldn't be likely to reproduce that season based on his career at this point and him being 30. Add in the fact of him being overweight and it doesn't portend any more triple crowns in the future. He will most likely put up great seasons the next 2-3 years at least, but I don't think he will come close to what he did last year. And even with his historic season, the Tigers barely made the playoffs. Also, as I touched on, Fielder is extremely overweight and his regression might have started last year.

Munchy, my point is that you take the worst possible outcome for the Sox (injury, regression, no improvement) and combine it with the Tigers' players staying injury free and either putting up the same numbers or improving.

Bring up more historical references to fat please. Because baseball has a 100 year history of fat asses playing well into their late 30's, starting with Babe Ruth.

Dismissing my points as "worst outcome" for us and not for them is completely 100% biased of you. You are making stuff up to create a scenario where two of the best players in all of baseball are going to suddenly fall off of a cliff while conversely ignoring the fact that it's more likely that we suffer multiple critical injuries than it is we don't suffer any. And we absolutely need to not suffer any if there's any chance of competing.
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