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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
you got it wrong buddy, nobody cares what you think or BP projections. Read the other posts . I never said numbers are for nerds or whatever, you need to learn how to read or something because I already said I am a sabermetrics fan. You sound like you have a dog in the fight or something.
Since you seem utterly clueless about what BP's PECOTA projections are I would say you are, at best, a fairweather sabremetrics fan and furthermore, I would counter that you can't truly be a fan of the sabremetrics movement in baseball and argue EDIT - CORRECTION against the relevance of BP. They are the gold standard of the industry. Again, I don't care if you don't like the stats game, plenty of people out there are good, knowledgeable baseball fans that don't like all the number crunching. I respect that immensely. But to say "I like sabremetrics" but then "I think BP is a worthless rag" is essentially saying you fundamentally believe in the teachings of modern science, physics, and evolution, but you also believe in a literal translation of Creationism. They are incompatible ideas. That doesn't mean you have to take BP at their word for being 100% accurate with everything they publish, but to say they have no value or worth automatically disqualifies you from sabremetrics.

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