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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I am big AJ fan, and really wanted him re-signed. But, if they re-signed him, it is very unlikely he would have matched his 2012 production.

Flowers could bust, Viciedo might not get better, Beckham may be what he is, Rios might revert to his 2011 form, Dunn and Konerko may hit like the last 4 months of last season, Danks might be done, Peavy might be ineffective, Sale may blow out his elbow, blandman might be right for a change and the Sox might be awful. Chances are, a couple of those things will be true, and a couple will be just the opposite. We have to hope that there is more of the opposite.
I like this post. It is also one example of why baseball is such a hard sport to predict. Especially if you're using wooden statistical models of dubious value.
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