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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Considering the Sox were 4th in the AL in runs scored last season, I think they even scored more runs than the Tigers, with Konerko banged up most of it, and even with Youkilis, about a .600 OPS out of 3B overall, Ramirez pretty ineffective, it's not unreasonable to think the offense should be enough if Viciedo, Beckham or Flowers improves.
With the top of our lineup, especially after adding a good contact bat in Keppinger, we'll score a good amount of runs.

But the real question is if the 6-9 spots can get those RISP/pressure runs in that can win games. Last year, especially late, that was a real challenge.

The other concern is with so many strikeout bats, would opposing starters will last longer in games against us?
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