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Originally Posted by ohiosoxfan View Post
Why are people talking about a guy hitting over .300 who has hit OVER .300 (.303) exactly ONCE in his seven-year career and carries a .272 career average. The same guy has turned 30 so the odds of him getting 20 MORE steals this year over last is probably slim. . if you compare apples to apples, his numbers aren't a heck of a lot better than DeAza's were last year (I will admit he's a better CF, though is he $11 million a year better????)
Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
Not to be Capt. Obvious, but De Aza hasn't been on the open market yet. I don't think he'd get 12 a year, but he'd get a substantial raise.
Good point Johnny. I don't understand why people are comparing him to people we have that are also decent. We're not replacing them, we simply need more talent on the roster. Bourn has some elite skills, something we are sorely missing (and not only for this year). An outfield of Bourn in center surrounded by Rios and De Aza could have been the best in the AL defensively, and one of the better offensive ones in baseball.
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