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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I'm really not sure how much more anyone could have expected the Sox do to this offseason. Payroll's already stretched thin and the farm system is absolutely atrocious, there's not much wiggle room. But they will be chipping $32 and $41 million of salaries off the books in the next two years so there will be some money then, and hopefully Hahn is a little more proactive at building something in the minors.

This team is in really bad shape right now, it's definitely going to be muliyear process.
Here's the thing I don't understand with that line of thinking, which seems to be a majority view on the matter. If we are in that bad of shape, why did we re-sign Peavy then? You could save an additional $29 million that way if we really aren't going to go all out to try and win the division. This isn't basketball or football where there is a real salary cap. If the Sox have their own personal salary cap in mind, why not be under it now, pocket the extra cash, and then use it to go over their personal cap in 2 years then? It isn't like the money disappears if they don't spend it this year. I'm not advocating a full rebuild, but that signing doesn't seem to fit the narrative of a team waiting around for contracts to come off the books.
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