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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Buehrle's not going to be eligible in the 2050's, I would suspect most of BBWAA's membership will still be the same dimwits that are there now, not that it matters as Buehrle is not really a sabermetrician's dream, anyway... He gives up a lot of hits and doesn't strike anybody out.

I sincerely doubt Buehrle will ever make the HOF, but probably the only thing he really has going for him is that he's never been suspected of 'roiding.
In my opinion it's already starting to change, ten years ago there would be no way a pitcher with a 13-12 record could win a Cy Young but Felix Hernandez won it a few years ago with a 13-12 record. Blyleven had no chance of getting in 10-15 years ago but the saber lovers made a good argument helping him finally get in. 10-15 years in the future will more tha likely be even more saber heavy.
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