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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh ****ing please. I would say the vast majority of posters here realize the Sox are at best, on paper, the 2nd best team in the division and nowhere near the leader board for favorites in the A.L. There is, however, a gulf between a realistic view of this team and whatever nutbag, over the top, depressing melodrama you've been peddling i.e. Sale's arm IS DEFINITELY GOING TO EXPLODE because brainiac scouts say it will (no mention those same scouts once upon a time deemed Mark Prior to have "perfect mechanics") and Dayan Viciedo needs to have his swing completely rebuilt at the AAA level. Give me a break. Just because people don't think this team is the train wreck you've been trying to tell us it is, doesn't mean they have unrealistically wild expectations.
I think we'll finish second too.

I just feel the gap between first and second is a lot larger than people are realizing.

Edit: oh, and viciedo sucks.
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