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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
Ugh. Define integrity of baseball. Or of any game. Is it what an organization thinks of a substance where the tipping point of it's "acceptance" broke back in the 80s when it contributed to an embarrassment for the US on the world wide stage of the Olympics (Carl Lewis losing in '88)? Because that's where the seeds of this modern day moral panic of PEDs originated from. The Good Guy only lost because the bad guys cheated. So like a lot of solutions presented to us by any type of people in power, it's based on sensationalism and outrage off of an event which, in this case, ultimately makes them out to be hypocrites...

.....because years before that, Good Guy US doctors administered the now illegal steroid (which happened directly in response to what happened at the 88' Olympics) that is known as Dianabol to US weight lifters in order to compete with athletes from the USSR in the Olympics. It's one likes to talk about that. And that's just one example that we know of. If you watch the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary "9.79" (about Carl Lewis' defeat by Johnson in those Olympics) you'll also see a part where one of the doctors that tested the Olympians decides to go back and re-test past Olympian's samples from years before. He said he kept getting positive results and just stopped, he didn't want to open a huge can of worms.

It is part of the competition, in damn never every competitive sport, all over the world. It is in the "fabric of baseball" as it is in the NFL and NBA and NHL. No doubt. Trying to get rid of it is futile, there will always be advancements, there's no way of keeping it out. Trying to do that arguably makes it more dangerous, has players taking more risks, unknowingly. The smart thing to do is educate athletes in these drugs, educate them on the risks, on how to properly use them if they decide to go that route. Do that or fight the half assed war against drugs which does more harm than good.

And again all this goes to another point that I keep stressing: We need to stop calling professional athletes heroes. That's the big thing in all this, the hero worship bull****. Sports can be an entertaining escapism, but you can't hold those people up as role models for life. It's a profession with it's own set of dangers and risks that need to be known about before diving into or considering a career in or even not seriously considering. Knowledge and education about it is never a bad thing. The sooner that it is learned, the better.
I'm not even going read this post. Go profess your philosophy about what we need to do as sports fans to a ****ing brick wall. I'm a baseball fan because I love baseball, and all I'm saying is that I would prefer a game in which players aren't OPENLY or blatantly cheating. Is that such an insult to your intelligence that it merits a 500 word diatribe of how full of **** I am? I roll my eyes every time every time I have to waste my time reading your holier than thou condescension. Go troll someplace else.
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