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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Skinny and frail are not the same thing. Take a look at the UFC and tell me if all the skinny guys at the top of their divisions are "frail."

There is no such thing as "flawless pitching mechanics." It is a myth. There are violent deliveries and less violent deliveries. Verlander's is violent. It puts a lot of stress on his elbow, just like Sale's does. Whether Sale's ligaments will hold up like Verlander's remains to be seen, but I made the initial comparison because of the early speculation that Verlander would get hurt whiplashing the way he does, the eerily similar first seasons he and Sale had, and the fact that he has stayed healthy (despite early fears that he wouldn't).

To a separate point, I agree Verlander is probably the best pitcher in baseball, but he's not a once in a generation talent. I'm not completely convinced that King Felix isn't as good as him right now.

Man do yourself a favor and just google "justin verlander pitching mechanics". You use words like "violent" to describe things the world uses words like "smooth" for.

Justin Verlander is 6'5'' and 225 pounds. That is a very very big man. Even if you don't think Sale is frail (even if by baseball pitcher standards he's probably the most frail guy in the game right now), how you expect even a similar motion to affect both guys the same way is without an sort of rational basis, let alone one that is completely different in every way possible.

I can't really argue with you anymore because the position you're arguing from doesn't have a basis in reality to anyone else.
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