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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
And if you don't think arm fatigue isnt totally normal for a guy in Chris Sale's position, you are in denial. Do yourself a favor and check out Justin Verlander's (another guy with a very dangerous delivery) numbers in his first season as a starter, also at 23 years of age. They are nearly identical to Sale's, splits showing signs of fatigue at points in the season. The primary difference is that Sale struck out a hell of a lot more batters than Verlander. Also, Verlander's points of fatigue hurt him a lot worse than Sale.

And at no point did Sale lose ten (HA!) MPH on his fastball. As a starter, he scaled back the heater to around 93 at the outset. He wasn't topping out at 83 at any point. It is hilarious to me when people pull these velocity numbers out of their asses.

I'm done with this. Live in denial of facts all you want, comparing guys built like sticks with horrible form to the best pitcher in baseball. You win. I can't compete with that nonsense.
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