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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Do you even read these posts before you respond. You made an absolute statement, that I pointed out as incorrect. I even gave an example of the correct way to argue your side of the argument. I agree that there is some concern. I also argued that if those concerns were going to come to fruition, it would have most likely happened in the first season in which Sale was heavily taxed, inning-wise. He did not get hurt in that season. That isn't Kool-Aid, or semantics. I'm basing my opinion on, you know, stuff that actually has happened. Can Sale still get hurt? Sure. Is it much, much more promising that the concerns of some scouts might not come true, being that he just got through a near-200 inning year without injury. Yes.

And, Mr. Snarky-pants, if you knew anything about the draft, you would know that Sale dropped because he wanted a guarantee that he would be on the major league roster immediately, so as to start his arbitration clock.

Edit: Also, he fell about 5 spots from projections. Hardly a free-fall.
Okay, you know what. I apologize, you are basing it on something. You're just wrong about what you're basing it on. Sale DID get hurt last year. And he had performance issues three times because of it. Just because he wasn't on the DL doesn't mean he wasn't hurt.

Did you watch the draft? Even the experts there explained that Sale dropped because of issues with his frame and motion. Some even went as far as to say the White Sox reached because the guy was gonna spend his career in the pen.
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