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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I'm not so sure about that. Yes, information has come out in recent years showing that "poor" teams like Pittsburgh have indeed made a profit. And of course, there are terrible owners like Loria in Miami.

But, I just find it too much of a coincidence that all the "cheap" teams that simply refuse to spend money on MLB talent also happen to be all the small market teams while, the bigger the market, the more "willing" (incredibly)teams are to spend on a winner.

No, a big payroll doesn't guarantee postseason success (see the Cubs and Mets), but over all, teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Rangers, etc and spend more and more on astronomical contracts and it's simply more and more likely that they'll make the playoffs over and over and not have to go too many years in between postseason appearances. Smaller market teams can compete if they develop talent from within just right, but most often they see they're big stars say goodbye once they hit free-agency.

The Twins bucked that trend by keeping Mauer and signing him to a huge long-term contract. But, now they seem to be hamstrung somewhat by that deal while Mauer seems to be heading toward the downward side of his career. If that was the Yankees, they could absorb that contract and still buy a few all-stars to fill up holes in their lineup. Does that make the Twins ownership one of the "cheapskate" owners while making the Yankees ownership one that puts victories over profit?
Yeah you have a point. It is extremely unlikely any organization is going to be brilliant enough or lucky enough to keep being smarter than everyone else and stockpiling prospects for trade or to replace free agents. Most will experience a dropoff sooner or later, the Twins look like they have ran out of luck with that lately. A few trades that netted them nothing are killing them . Farm isn't as potent as it was. The Yankees and Red Sox, Dodgers, etc. just plug in holes by overspending. Therefore they can be consistently more competitive over time even if their farm system sucks. But Bud Selig will brag about how many different teams have been in the playoffs over the years or won the series. There needs to be a soft cap I think to combat cheap owners and make life harder for the big market teams , similar to what the NHL has had lately.
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