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Originally Posted by ComiskeyBrewer View Post
I'm right there with you. I used to be one of those "WE NEED A CLEAN GAME" guys, but over the past 5 years i've slowly come to the realization that the game has never been clean(whether it be HGH, roids, greenies or something else), and will never be clean. If baseball manages to get rid of steroids and HGH, the players will move onto the next thing(as most already have). I'm not saying don't test, and don't try to clean up the game. I'm saying it's a futile effort(albiet a noble one) and nieve to think the game was actually ever clean to begin with.
Sadly, I'm in the same spot as well. When you've got a bunch of highly competitive guys getting their one shot at fame and money, they're going to do what they have to either to get ahead or keep up. The technology may have changed, but the intent has been the same since the days of vaseline under baseball caps, sign stealing, etc.

Testing isn't going to stop this either. The scientists will always be able to stay one step ahead of the testing, and both players and labs will eventually get smart enough so the product can't be traced back to the users in case of federal raids.

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