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Originally Posted by Carolina Kenny View Post
Minnie Minoso never cheated. He should be in the HOF.
Probably didn't, and should be in the hall of fame i agree. But i honestly can't say one way or the other with 100% certainty. I wasn't in that locker room with him.

Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
There's a BIG difference between "completely clean" and "not a science experiment.
Never said there wasn't, but i think drugs in the 60s and 70s played a much larger role than some. People poo-poo amphetamines like they weren't a factor, but decry HGH, when the roles they play are not that different.

Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I'm a pretty cynical person but for the millionth time I find it difficult to compare what was done in the past with what is being done now.
I'm not trying to compare, saying both are equally bad(they aren't even close, IMO), but i think drugs in the past played a bigger role than many want to admit.
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