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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You know, other than an 8 mph drop in his fastball three times in the same season necessitating being taken out of the rotation twice (the third time was at the end of the season). Oh, and you know, our pitching coach doesn't think he can hold up as a starter and fought with Sale and Robin on that topic.

Show me the expert that talks about Chris Sale without warning. Where is this mysterious person, this scout extraordinaire? I wanna read that article, where the scout says Sale's mechanic's are sound. Where his body type isn't an issue long term. Where is this scout? Where is the team employing this scout? I wanna work for that team, they obviously don't care whether or not you actually "scout".

Saying I overstate a point without proving a point of your own is getting kind of tiring. You have an opinion. But until you bring something to the table, I'm under the impression it's based on nothing but kool-aid.
Right! And since basically nobody maintains 97MPH thru entire career, I have been harping on Chris to develop more offspeedo junk, and particularly the knuckle-curve. If going to pitch in MLB need to be effective even when the heater is not so hot. How about a trickier changup and throw it like
40%? That will give you mini-siesta right in the middle of a game, preserve the arm. Need to remain in top form through a long world series campaign.
Glad to hear he is bench pressing etc and putting on some meat.
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