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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Rather than hiring ANOTHER ex-player "color" analyst/storyteller, how about hiring a professional play by play announcer who knows enough about the game, but also has the professional humility, to simply call the game, and then set up the analyst to add color or fill in a story?

Listening to Sox broadcasts over the years, I have learned much about pitching and game strategy from Stone and Farmer, much about hitting from DJ and Paciorek, and a lot about personalities and history from Hawk. But in my time listening to the Sox, only Rooney and Hagin can both call a decent game and bring out the best in the color analyst with whom they are paired. (I think Farmer brings out his partner's ability to analyze, because he asks good questions, but he's bad at calling the game.)

I don't have a problem with Rowand as a color analyst. Just give me a decent professional PBP announcer to call the damn game!
Oh, I totally agree with that, I just don't think they're gonna fire Hawk. I would love for them to bring in Rowand for color, and a professional, veteran play by play man to pair him with.
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