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I heard the original broadcast of Hawk's comments on Talking Baseball, which the article accurately reports. What I noticed was that Bruce just asked the question as if it were the most natural thing in the world, not at all awkward, and Hawk responded in kind, acknowledging the problem and quickly going straight to the resolution. The fact that we all knew something was up does not mean that Hawk would necessarily admit it; I think he agreed to get this out there in the wake of Soxfest, and the big clear-the-air meeting with Stone and the brass.

Whether these broadcasters can focus on fun at the ol' park when (say) a team long in first place is collapsing in September, remains to be seen. Stone didn't do that even in his old park where it is a way of life, if not an article of religion. It may not be what dedicated fans want, but if the dedicated fans are not filling enough seats, that sort of direction is what you can expect from ownership.
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