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So here's what we wrote back on Sept 30th.

Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
In terms of marketing the team, Steve Stone is the worst thing to happen to the Sox in the past four years.

I'm surprised so many people are oblivious to this fact.

I'd take Hawk and DJ back in a heartbeat over Stone being in the booth. I don't think at this point that is the solution to the problem, but it's a statement to the fact that the Sox fanbase wants to listen homer announcers, either on the radio or tv side. Even John Rooney was a homer announcer. Steve Stone has gone out of his way to be as anti-homer and unenthusiastic about the Sox product as anyone possibly could, whether goofing on how bad the bobbleheads looked this year, to making fun of fans eating food in the stands when the tv cameras are on them, to refusing to show any enthusiasm after a big Sox hit or homer. Steve Stone hasn't sold a ticket to a Sox game since he joined the radio side in 2008.
And I see this posted on the Chicago media board-

Originally Posted by The Hawk Wants You
Of even more interest to me from that same ESPN show was the mention after the interview by Bruce Levine and Fred Huebner that they heard that both Hawk and Stoney would focus more on selling the U.S. Cellular Field experience than they have in the past. That would be my one and only criticism of the broadcasts - the lack of the on-air selling of all of the fun things going on around the Cell. That is what made Harry Caray so popular on both sides of town was his constant mentioning of "fun at the 'ol ballpark". The pace of a baseball game certainly allows for this. I think if Hawk and Stone can talk up the party deck in center field, the fundamentals kids deck in left, the outfield shower, etc, it could go a long way towards whetting the appetite of Sox fans to show up at more games than they have in the past. We shall see how it goes!!
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