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Originally Posted by ComiskeyBrewer View Post
They must have(or the laws have been changed), Wisconsin currently has a 3-10 year sentence for 7th-8th-9th OWI charges. However, the tiers below that are surprisingly lax(You can get as little as 6 months for a 5th DUI).
The Wisconsin drunk-driving sentences I was referencing go back a decade or more. I left the state in 2003. What surprised me when I moved there was the difference in attitude toward drunk drivers in Wisconsin, as if everyone does it and the people getting caught were just unlucky. I'm glad to see attitudes have changed.

There are many who will never take drunk driving seriously, though. I read that publicans (pub owners) in Ireland are lobbying to made drunk driving legal outside of the cities becuase rural pubs are suffering economically. I'm not sure what at what threshold someone is presemed drunk in the Republic of Ireland because it is expressed in different terms than in the U.S., but Northern Ireland, I have read, has a threshold of .35 percent.
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