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The lack of process and relocation transparency has been a personal crusade of mine for a long time, looks like they finally are gong to address it. I have mentioned it over the years to my reps, to my reps bosses and in every customer survey I have ever taken.

I have had people sit around me or in front of me that were new STH's and we have been one since 1991 (we are a group of 6 guys sharing 4 seats for 81 games). I never understood the process and haven't had options to move in 10 years. I have also watched people around me move to better seats with less seniority. We have a decent location in the middle of section 123 but I get frustrated that I have not moved since 2002 and even then the move was very minor. I want to get closer to the plate and closer to the field.

I hope there is an upgrade available for us on Monday , even if it is more expensive.

Ironically, I also had two personal LD box seats since 2005 that were near the back of the lower deck. When I was told I could not improve my location I cancelled them in December and received my deposit back. Did they not know of this upgrade process back in December? They may have been able to retain two more individual seats with a little communication.
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