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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
I am intrigued by these comparisons. I looked up Nolan Ryan , another hard throwing stud with control issues, who did make a name for himself in MLB history BTW. At a similar point in his career, Nolan Ryan was
69-70 Career at age 26 , and after 7 seasons averaged 160.1 innings per year. (lifetime 162 game average 14-13, 3.19era, 232 innings)
So there you have it, maybe the Cubs are aware of this similarity and see a long hard throwing future for Edwin. If he turns out to be Nolan Ryan Jr, that would be a steal! Also Ryan threw some ugly no-hitters, lots of walks too.
Nolan Ryan actually had more complete game no hitters than complete games with no walks. Prior to 1988 he had only one complete game with no walks before doing it back to back in September of that year.
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