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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I will continue to point out that this is a false dichotomy. The alternative to a strikeout isn't some other out. The alternative to a strikeout is "not a strikeout." That means either a walk or the ball in play. A walk is obviously better. A ball in play will result in an outcome better than a strikeout (a hit, error, advance a runner) far more often than it will result in an outcome worse than a strikeout (double play.)
A very succinct explanation of the obvious.

Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Do you have stats to back that up?

Also, framing it as strikeout versus every other option (including non-outs) is a little unfair. Isn't a walk also an alternative to every other out then?
No, it is not unfair. And yes, a walk is preferable to most outs, with the exception of walks vs. outs that score a run. A consistent observation of the game is enough to know that a ball in play results in far more positive outcomes than a strikeout does, even with noted exceptions.
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