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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
Personally, I like 80 games for the first offense, 162 for the second, and you're outta here after the 3rd. I'm sure someone else will come up with something. I think offseason testing needs to be emphasized.
I would say that it should be a 162 (plus playoffs) ban for the first violation, 324 (plus playoffs) for the second and then a life time ban for the third violation. I would also start trying to include clauses that would result in the voiding of any contract by a player who tests positive. Maybe lawyers could also include some language that would allow a team to sue users for fraud if they signed a contract while using or something. Going after the money is the only real way to get guys to reconsider using steroids. Right now it still makes a lot of sense for a guy like Melky Cabrera to risk getting caught in order to go from a $400,000 salary as a 4th outfielder to an $8 million salary as a starter and All Star MVP.

Go Sox!!!
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