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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Not all MSA's are built equally, Nashville's MSA may have about 100 K more residents, but these Southern and Western geographic areas are almost always larger in size, and therefore less dense, than their Eastern and Midwestern counterparts.

Nashville's MSA is approximately 7,000 square miles large. Milwaukee's is 2,300 square miles. I'd be willing to bet if you superimposed the boundaries of the Milwaukee MSA centered on Nashville, you'd never come close to matching the population.

Also, I've only been to Nashville and even then we just drove through, but it seems like that town has the most illogically laid road network. Can't imagine it's a picnic trying to navigate it ever.
You are right about the roads in Nashville, been through there many times on trips between Chicago and Florida and you really have to pay attention to the road signs.
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