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Originally Posted by haganaga View Post
Hi folks,

I have a question regarding the downloadable calendar available on the site. It has an option to download directly to your iPhone which is awesome. Currently it doesn't display the network the game will be aired on. Is this something that will update closer to the season?

I'm asking because I cancelled my cable but still would like to watch the games on WCIU and WGN. Having the calendar reminder pop up right before games start with the network it's airing on would be fantastic. Not a huge deal as I can easily search it the day of. More of a convenience thing.

I added it to my "subscribed" calendar last year (I had an iPhone) and it did update. It doesn't offer an Android option so for this season I sent the iCal file to my work Outlook and added the schedule to my phone that way. I know it does update through the work Outlook so I am hopeful it will continue.

Fellow Androidians - is there a direct way to subscribe that I don't know about?
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