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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
I will.....right after you ask Bryce Harper and Chris Sale.

"Rushing players" is and will always continue to be an invalid argument...
The term "rushing" players doesn't have anything to do with time, it's based on a player's physical and mental ability to survive at the next level. Harper (who, by the way, has 2x the MiLB service time of Beckham) and Sale clearly could make it and were advance appropriately. But if your argument is that there's no such thing as moving players too quickly in the minors, well, that's 100% wrong, I don't know how to sugar coat it for you.

At any rate, the answer was to why the Red Sox, with a nice stable of lower level talent, would hesitate to call up a guy from A-ball to fill in in the Major Leagues.
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